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Who never wanted to develop his own video game to impress his friends ?
Some softwares let you develop video games in an easier way than pure code, with a method know as "drag and drop". GameMaker, Gdevelop, ... a lot of different softwares allow you to create a game faster and easier. You might think "easier and faster = lose quality ?" Then you're wrong. Let me give you a little list of games developed like that, you might already heard.. undertale ? Hyper Light Drifter ? Crashlands? All of them and more made with drag and drop game maker. So far I tried some basic stuff. You can play it just below, it's worth a try =]

Games are testable ! Click on the preview and give it a try !


A new big fresh project Im working on from ~ 13/02/18 with lots of experience I acquired from previous projects. Project ended with the lack of idea the 30/04/2018


A game that was based on the idea of the game "10 second ninja".

Geometry Dash

Created the 14th june 2015. I tried to reproduce a lowcost gameplay of the famous game "GeometryDash" and ended well for a simple project.

Simple Platformer

A project about 2d platformer with basic stuff such as movement, jump, collision, ennemies, coin block, etc... To learn how GDevelop work

Goku & Freezer

First game ever created with GDevelop engine as a test of what possible.